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Bumping Lake, Start of the trail

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The Doorway to Washington’s Outdoors

The Gas Vent of Flaming Geyser State Park

Flaming Geyser State Park

The park is located along the Green River not far outside of Auburn Washington city limits. For the locals, the Flaming Geyser State Park offers the opportunity of a leisurely stroll through a wilderness setting without having to travel miles away from home. For the travelers, the park offers some interesting attractions, and a great place to stop along your weary travels, to take in the fresh air and have lunch just before hitting the road again. The Name of the park is a little misleading. There’s no real geyser here, at least not like … See More →

Some People Just Can’t Wait For The Snow!

Kid Skis Down Stairs

  There are those who can wait for the snow, and there are those who can’t wait for the snow. The ones who can’t wait, have to improvise.    Kids always have the best ideas when the parents are gone! It’s going to hurt when he faceplants!   I know it was fun, but its over man!    Ha…Beginners, I don’t think snow plowing on an escalator is going to work!   Showing the locals how its done.   I don’t think your helmet is going to do a thing when this good idea goes … See More →

Watching For Poison Oak, Ivy, & Sumac

First comes the itchiness, then comes the red rash, and then comes the blisters. The symptoms of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac can start after a few hours to several days after exposure to the plant’s oil. Not everyone is allergic to these plants. WebMD states “About 85% of Americans are allergic to poison ivy, leaving about 15% resistant to any reaction.” The same resin (urushiol) contained in Poison Ivy, is also the same resin contained in Poison Oak and Poison Sumac. So if you’re allergic to one of these plants, then it’s … See More →

Swedish Fire Torch

Bundle style Swedish Fire Torch/stove

There are two popular variations of a Swedish Fire Torch. One’s made by tying a bundle of large sticks together, then standing the bundle up on its end, and lighting the middle of the bundle on fire (bottom left). The other’s made by taking a log, and splitting it into quarters or further in the twelfth, then putting the wedges all back together and lighting a fire on top of the log (bottom right). The coals from the fire fall down between the wedges, causing the log to burn from the inside out. The purpose for … See More →

Bike stuck in a tree – Vashon Island’s Mystery

Bike Stuck in Tree

Crazy Ha!!! How did it get there? It’s been a mystery for years. Some locals said that it was just some strategic plan of someone’s cleverness. Someone had to have known that the tree would lock the bike into its trunk and hold on to it forever. Others say it was just some chance the bike ended up where it did. You have to admit, seeing a bike that’s been lodged in a tree for over 50 years, stimulates the imagination. It inspired the local writer Berkeley Breathed to write a children’s story, Red Ranger … See More →

Hiker’s Survival Kit – Taking The Care To Do It Yourself

Kit Layed Out Small

  Most people think a survival kit is used only to aid you in an emergency situation. But, is it always possible to know when you’re in an emergency situation? Most of the time “yes” you will, but not always! Hypothermia may be one of those instances when you are not so sure you’re in an emergency. This is one reason why I stopped thinking of the Survival kit as an emergency only package. Getting yourself out of an emergency before one starts, could save your life and save your trip. A hiker needs to … See More →